ION Sonar 2022 Harness
ION Sonar 2022 Harness
ION Sonar 2022 Harness
ION Sonar 2022 Harness
ION Sonar 2022 Harness
ION Sonar 2022 Harness

ION Sonar 2022 Harness

ION's new Sonar harness is an evolution of the Radar model. It is specially adapted to the needs of racing and foiling. It features a low profile that generates a low load transfer center. The integrated curved plate improves the distribution of forces. The ergonomic leg straps are inspired by climbing harness technology and have been developed to allow tremendous freedom of movement and eliminate all pressure points.

Partially Curv Partially molded Curv composite material with strong back support and flexible side parts.

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548 лв.


The C-Bar 2.0 ION C-Bar 2.0 kite spreader bar comes with a stainless steel hook. The easy-to-use tension lever system allows quick attachment and release of the harness without having to constantly adjust the strap. The bar comes without rope, which can be added as an option. Thanks to the modular hook system, you can easily upgrade the spreader bar to suit your personal preferences.

Lightweight but durable hybrid construction combined with a clever mix of materials.



The ultralight and rigid double d closure system allows quick and perfect adjustment of the spreader bar straps. this system has already proven itself in various sporting goods such as helmet climbing equipment


A new and improved technical feature designed to increase the feeling of flexibility, turning and overall driving comfort


Safety knife to cut the lines of the kite in emergency situations


A stainless steel ring attached to the handle of the pass-through leash guarantees smooth gliding

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