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ION Team Series Aaron Hadlow 2017...

ION Team Series Aaron Hadlow 2017 Harness

ION Team Series Hadlow is waist (high) kitesurfing harness designed for freestyle riding. It’s comfortable, provides full freedom of movement, fits perfectly to rider’s body and most of all it gives you maximum support and protection for your lower back and spine. It is signature model of 5 time world champion - Aaron Hadlow. This also means that it is made for performance at highest level. Features extremely strong carbon back construction for best protection. Rims and edges of the harness are covered with soft foam which gives you more flexibility and prevent your hips from abrasions.

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This harness holds tight on rider’s body and don’t slide up under your ribs. Features two easy and fast to adjust straps, which allow you to fit harness perfectly. Lower strap is responsible for keeping harness hook in the same, low position in every situation. Comes with new Neo Belt which increases flex, twist and comfort, at the same time it keeps harness closer to your body so you have direct connection with the bar. Spreader bar pad is fully made out of soft, fully moulded foam which is more lightweight, comfortable and absorbs less water. Fast assembling system with push button makes it fast and easy to use. Team Series harness spreads forces and impacts evenly on the entire area which keeps you safe in any situation on the water. Inner EVA foam layer in the central part of harness optimises comfort and ensures perfect fit.


  • Amazing for freestyle and wave riding
  • Aaron’s Hadlow signature model
  • Supports lower back and protects spine
  • Fits rider’s body perfectly
  • Gives full freedom of movement
  • Reinforced carbon construction in central area
  • Sides and rims of the harness are covered with soft foam
  • Features pockets for excessive straps
  • Strong, solid and durable construction

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