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Duotone Kiteboarding/North Mono 2018 Kite

Duotone Kiteboarding/North Mono 2018 Kite


Unique one strut design, a top performer in the simplest package possible.

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  • Great handling in lightwind
  • Quick and easy to relaunch
  • Good low end and upwind performance


  • Light and robust one strut design
  • Additional Dacron reinforcements for durability
  • 4 and 5 line setup

The Mono is a simple one-strut Allrounder with a focus on performance and handling. It is perfect for travelling and can perform on a twin tip, directional or foilboard. The smaller sizes are ideal for fast progression, freeriders, wave riders and foil boarders alike. The kite has amazing low-end performance, and it fl ies upwind with ease. The relaunch is very fast and easy, thanks to the Delta design the kite doesn’t stick to the water. The bar pressure is light, while there is a progressive power development as you sheet in, making it very easy to ride. Handling on the Mono is very dynamic, with fast, reactive steering the kite works well in all situations, also on foil boards.

While the weight of the kite has been kept to a minimum, there are plenty of reinforcements in the right places to ensure it is very robust too. If you want a great all rounder with an incredible low-end for easy freeriding duties, the Mono is it!

3.5 26-40 22 (24)
5 23-38 19 - 22 (24)
7 19-34 19 - 22 (24)
9 15-30 19 - 22 (24)
12 11-22 19 - 24
15 6-18 19 - 24

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