Kitesurf School

Our goal is to create an unique experience for each one of our students and customers at our Kite school

and shop. Our team will provide the best kite adventure memory for U, regardless of ur level of expertise.

Burgas is the city with best wind forecast statistics in Bulgaria. Burgas is a perfect mixture of sport and leisure in a relatively small area and close proximity to everything tah u can ever need to make ur kite trip a time of ur life.

On the length of 6 kilometers we have Kite and Windsurfing centers, restaurants and night clubs and bars.

- Wind condition-

- We have a large variety of conditions, the average wind are between 12 and 20 knots. Small to medium wind waves.

- Average size of a kite is 12 M, but we can use kites between 10 and 15 M.

- The wind starts around 13.00 and blows up until 19.00 o'clock.

- Perfect Kite foil and Wing Foil location.

- Kite school and shop.

- We have 3 full time IKO instructors using the best and latest equipment following all IKO safety standards.

- We also provide equipment for Rent.

- Storage and kite repair services. Showers and compressor included.