NORTH Sails Volt HD 2017



Since its introduction the VOLT has established itself as THE Freestyle Wave sail and the ideal partner for classic single fin boards! The fifth generation of the 5 battens bestseller convinces with extremely high draft stability and a very wide wind range, especially in overpowered conditions. 

Maximum energy and electrifying handling: The smaller sizes of the VOLT are again oriented towards the requirements of the wave riders, the larger sizes towards freestylers. The result is a sail line that can confidently be called the ultimate all-in-one freestyle wave range.

No other NorthSails sail adapts to the conditions so effortlessly. No wonder sailors are so enthusiastic about the huge range of use. The whole team were involved in the testing. For the huge list of desires countless innovations were necessary which are hidden in every detail of the VOLTs DNA.

Thanks to a short luff the new VOLT feels extremely compact and neutral making for incredible handling characteristics. In combination with a unique foot geometry, a low draft position, a modified leech tension plus the iMODULAR.DESIGN the VOLT remains extremely neutral on the wave and during difficult maneuvers. The sail immediately reacts to even the smallest impulse.

The sophisticated luff curve and the modified profile distribution result in insane handling combined with great low-end power. The impressive performance makes it the ideal choice for any spot on the planet. And all of this over an extremely wide wind range, as there is no other wave sail that covers such a wider range, especially when overpowered! Although all sizes are designed for RDM masts they still work equally great on SDM masts. That's the reason why the new VOLT feels softer, super easy to control and can be pumped easily. 


Ultimate durability for most brutal conditions: The VOLT is also available as a monofilm-free hardcore CROSS.YARN.LAMINATE version!

Key features

  • NEW: HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH (scooped leech outline) stabilizes the profile right above the boom and prevents leech flattering 
  • NEW: RADIAL.LOAD.STRIPES at the clew improve the stability and extend the wind range  
  • On 5.3 and up the draft-position got moved slightly further back for improved low-end power
  • 200 grams lower weight due to WEIGHT.OPTIMIZED.PANEL-LAYOUT
  • 5.3 now designed around the RDM 400 and 430 mast
  • Extremely sturdy, unbreakable epoxy battens
  • Extremely draft-stable due to the 5-batten, draft forward design and pronounced loose leech
  • Designed to work best on RDM masts but still fully compatible with our SDM masts
  • MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: 2 masts fit all sizes

Size Boom max
Luff max (cm)
Vario Top Battens Weight
Mast Type:
Mast Geometry:
Mast Length (cm):
3.4 141 358 X 5 2.85/2.90 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
3.7 149 366 X 5 2.90/2.95 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.0 153 391 X 5 3.05/3.10 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.2 159 397 X 5 3.15/3.20 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.5 164 403 X 5 3.25/3.30 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.7 165 404 -- 5 3.30/3.35 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 400/370
5.0 170 411 -- 5 3.45/3.50 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 400
5.3 174 434 -- 5 3.60/3.65 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 400/430
5.6 179 434 -- 5 3.75/3.80 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 430
5.9 182 444 -- 5 3.85/3.90 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 430
6.4 188 454 -- 5 3.95/4.00 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 430
6.9 191 494 -- 5 4.25/4.30 Platinum/Gold//Silver RDM/SDM 460/430+CX

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Платно North Sails Volt HD 2017

  • Код: 14700-1203
  • Наличност: Наличен
  • Цена от 590.00лв.


* Платно Размер (m2):
  • 5,0

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